To book a break at Shorland Old Farm, or to ask any questions, please visit the Contact Us page, and send us an email or give us a call.

– Prices stated are per person

– Minimum group number is 8, maximum is 12

– Single price is for single occupancy of a double or twin room

– Two-course dinner (main + dessert) is standard  – see bottom of page for other options


3 nights

Accommodation and breakfast                                                         £168 sharing                   £204 single

Accommodation, breakfast & 2-course evening meal                       £228 sharing                    £264 single


4 nights

Accommodation and breakfast                                                           £224 sharing               £272 single

Accommodation, breakfast & 2-course evening meal                         £304 sharing               £352 single

Discounted prices for longer stays

5 nights

Accommodation and breakfast                                                         £273 sharing                   £333 single

Accommodation, breakfast & 2-course evening meal                       £373 sharing                   £433 single


6 nights

Accommodation and breakfast                                                         £326 sharing                   £398 single

Accommodation, breakfast & 2-course evening meal                       £446 sharing                   £518 single


7 nights

Accommodation and breakfast                                                         £381 sharing                   £465 single

Accommodation, breakfast & 2-course evening meal                       £521 sharing                   £605 single



Studio hire (per group)                                    £80.00 per day

Lunch can be provided at a cost of                 £10.00 per person per day

*Special diet supplement                                 £5.00 per person per day


Dinner options

Two-course dinner is standard.  If your group would prefer a three-course meal, please add £5 per head, per day to the tariffs above.  The option chosen will apply across the whole group.

Two-course dinner default is main course + dessert.  If your group would prefer starter + main course, please specify this preference on your booking form.  Coffee after dinner is included in the price.


Booking terms and conditions

  • Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of £100 per person is required to confirm a booking, with the balance due four weeks prior to the start of the holiday.
  • Cancellation: If bookings are cancelled after full payment is made, we are unable to refund any balances.  In this event, guests should refer to their own holiday insurance.
  • If a holiday is cancelled by us for any reason, all payments already made will be refunded in full.
  • The person making the booking is responsible for all communications regarding that booking, and for all payments due.
  • Rooms are available from 4pm on the day of arrival to 10am on the day on departure.
  • Should what we offer fall short of your expectations, please let us know within the first 24 hours of your stay.  If, at that time, should either you – or we – conclude we are unable to address any issues satisfactorily, you may leave at that point and we will fully refund your holiday cost.
  • We want everyone to enjoy their art holiday experience at Old Shorland, therefore we reserve the right to require anyone to leave the course (with a refund of the remaining portion of their holiday cost) if, in our subjective view, their behaviour is detrimental to the enjoyment of the rest of the group.

*Special Diets

Our meals are cooked on a “dish of the day” basis, with everyone eating the same meal. Main courses are structured around meat or fish.  Starters (where requested) are generally vegetarian, although some include a fish element.  Most dishes are served to the middle of the table for you to help yourself to what you want, in the portion size that suits you.

Please note, there may be a surcharge of £5 per day for special diets, depending on what’s required and how many different requests there are within a group.  We have introduced this charge reluctantly because of an overwhelming increase in the number of special diets now requested.  The charge is to help offset the extra costs involved in buying special ingredients, and the additional work in preparation and cooking. 

Because of our limited storage and cooking facilities, we cannot guarantee to meet every specific request; that will depend on the number and complexity of the different requirements.  Therefore all special diets must be agreed before bookings are confirmed.

NB: We can accommodate only medically necessary and vegetarian special diets, not weight loss, combination, or preference diets. 

If any member of your group has special dietary requirements, please speak to Sandy before making the booking.  All special dietary information must be included on the booking form, in advance of the holiday.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate last minute requests.

Guests are welcome to bring any special dietary products, and they may be stored in your room or in the guest fridge.