Christmas greetings

from Shorland Old Farm

At the end of this oddest of years, Sandy and Mark would like to send you all our warmest Christmas wishes, and to tell you how much we missed having all our artists here this year. The place has felt very empty and quiet without the buzz of people filling the house and studio with life. But we’re still here – just about! Hanging on by our fingernails and trying to be optimistic for next season. Bring on the vaccines!

Because most of our 2020 bookings have been moved to 2021, it does mean there are only limited places left for most courses next year, so if you are interested in any of next year’s offerings, do get in touch sooner rather than later.

Thank you

We’d also like to add a big thank you to everyone who’s contacted us during this stressful year to offer encouragement and support. We have really appreciated it. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we have the best guests here at Old Shorland.

We know that many of you have had a really tough year too. Here’s hoping you can all make the most of whatever kind of Christmas you are allowed to have, and that 2021 is a whole lot easier than this year has been.

Looking to the future

Some of you have contacted us because you have noticed that Shorland Old Farm has appeared on the market this year. Just to reassure you, this is not a direct result of Covid-19. When we came here, it was with a 10-year plan in mind and we are now approaching year 9. Selling a property like Old Shorland is not the same as selling a normal domestic property and we know it could well take a long time – even years – to sell, so we didn’t want to wait until the ten years were up before putting it on the market. After all, neither of us is getting any younger. In fact, Mark passed a milestone birthday this year, which helped focus our minds on the fact that we would like to be at least taking a step towards retirement.

Rest assured, we don’t anticipate anything happening in a hurry, so no need to worry about 2021 courses. The ideal scenario would be that someone comes along who wants to carry on running art holidays here. We would love for that to happen but realise we have to be realistic. It is a great business – the clientele are especially wonderful! So, if anyone knows of someone who might be looking for a great opportunity, do point them in our direction.

Looking forward to welcoming you

in 2021